On Order available



Selfplaying Akkordeon (Tanzbär)

in different Models and Colors



Model varrations: -Wood bright or dark
                            -Painting on your wish
                            -iPod with place for 8000 songs
                            -built in light organ with super bright LED-lights 3 chanel (high, middle, deep)
                             LED arranged as heart, clover ...
                             - without built in Amplifier, Battery and speakers, very light in but
                             only over extern Amplifier playable
                           - in straight treble playable
                           - addition Volume on the bassside (you can play it remarkable, 
                                            that nobody can think it´s self playing)


different housing varriations on order.

Dorothy plays her self-playing harmonica

Repair for selfplaying Akkordeons and Harmonikas of these firms: Hessmühler, Schneeberg, Blaser`s  Örgeli AG and others.

dealer requests are desirable.

Tel.:+49 37465/2152